Friday, 19 September 2014

NHS in crisis: English health service runs £500m deficit in just three months
People want more services than they are willing to pay for.
     Alternatively, which government service would you like to see cut by 1 billion a year to make up this deficit?

Tory-Labour spat on the 'English question'
"Without its large contingent of Scottish MPs, a Labour administration could struggle to get its budget and laws passed by the Commons."
   Translated: Labour is a minority party in England that wants to use Scots to suppress democracy here.

Tories call on PM to renege on reckless funding vow
It's why they voted "no" - they are not stupid: getting more from the tax man than others get seemed a good deal. They knew they would get a lot less from an independent Scotland.

The people of my country have brought a catastrophe upon themselves by voting No
The people of your country (the UK) did not vote no, the people of your province of our country (Scotland) did: overwhelmingly. 
         One reason they did is because they saw through your nonsensical arguments:
1) They knew that it was already within Scotland's power to curb the housing bubble north of the border. 
2) They knew that Scotland already controls the NHS north of the border and that it gets less funding per head than in the UK because of that local control
3) They knew that Scottish jobs and wages are under Scotland's control already
4) They knew that Scotland gets more government money (investment) per head than the rest of the UK does.

I fantasised about killing Thatcher, admits Mantel
Mantel clearly is a fan of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS: if somone disagrees with you, kill 'em.

Labour will 'name and shame' companies which don't pay men and women equally
Will it only reveal those that pay women less than men, or will it also expose those that pay men less than women?

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