Friday, 12 September 2014

Concerns Grow As More Teenagers Attempt To Flee Homes And Join ISIS In Syria
Of course they do: it is a chance to rape and murder with impunity and there are many teenagers who cannot resist that combination.  "As one said the other day: "Do you have to be Muslim to join?"

Mi5 Conspiracy Theories Rife In Scottish Referendum Debate
Silly Scots. MI5 is working FOR independence. A naturally conservative group they are ecstatic to see this drain on the treasury flounce off to form its own little ethnic enclave. 
     The funds that MI5 funnel to Salmond is, of course, from deep black ops budgets, so the public will never learn exactly how much and will have to wait 50 years for even a glimmer of the amounts MI5 has contributed to the Yes campaign.

Cash-Strapped Moderate Syrian Rebels Blame West For Rise Of Islamic State
Well of course they do. It can't be the fault of anyone in Syria or in the middle east - so it MUST be the west.
I can hear them singing now: "You never give me your money, you only give me your conversation...."

Missouri Lawmaker Suing Federal Government To Keep Daughters From Birth Control
Well of course he is right. No Mormon should be forced to have insurance, for themselves or their employees, that covers any accident or illness where alcohol or caffiene is involved, nor should any Jewish people or their employees have insurance that covers any accident or illness resulting from the preparation or eating of pork.

Miley Cyrus on The Cover Of V Magazine
Poor girl. The look in her eyes, the tats, the multiple piercings all scream "damaged goods, low self-esteem."

At Hearing On NYPD Force, The '5,000-Pound Elephant In The Room' Is 'Broken Windows'
Yeah this polcy is just wrong: I should be allowed to break the laws I want to break and only follow those I want to follow. How dare the police enforce any law that I don't think is important?

Obama authorizes military strikes against ISIS leadership
Well, that is pretty assuredly a declaration of war, so ISIS is well within its rights to strike at American leadership as and where it can.

Top CIA officer in Benghazi delayed response to terrorist attack
The story does not giover the most important information of all: was the CIA chief a Republican or a Democrat?   How can we score party political points if your don't tell us that?
       PS: Mr Paronto seems pretty ill-informed, considering the video had been big news in Libya for several weeks. Odd that he would not know about this famous video which the leader of the embassy attack said was the reason he planned the whole thing.

MPs claiming more expenses now than at height of 2009 scandal.
So what? Of course they claimed more. It is called inflation.
     Provided that the claims were for legitimate and allowable expenses, what is the concern? Is it that we think their employers should require them to pay business expenses out of their own pockets? How would we feel if our employers did that to us?

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