Friday, 22 August 2014

Should there be all-women shortlists? 
Only if one is a sexist. The whole point of feminism is to create an equal opportunity, not a slanted playing field where people are selected on the basis of their gender, race, colour or creed.
One in five visitors to Swiss assisted-dying clinics from Britain Shame on you, Guardian: "suicide tourists" is a particularly tasteless and insensitive way to describe terminally ill people who are seeking surcease from pain and suffering. Shame on you, Guardian, shame on you.
What? How dare they subsidise those of us who must rely on the NHS, using funds from those who don't need to. Sounds like there is some kind of commie redistribution of health going on. Stop it before someone gets helped.

22 August

Doctor's on the cheap" is very biased way of describing having a triage system that allows minor cases to be dealt with by competent trained professionals, passing more complex cases up to physicians and specialists. I think the Indie's agenda is showing.

No one has suggested that Physician Associates be called doctors, nor that they will provide services that require a doctor to provide.

I'd like to see how many Indie journalists passed.

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