Wednesday, 27 August 2014

"Judge Blames Poor Rape Conviction Statistics On Female Inebriation" says the lead-in headline.

Well, Huffpo, actually she didn't.  She said that women who were excessively inebriated and had poor recall of the event had a harder time winning their case in a he said / she said contest.  

Meanwhile,  Ms Russel proposes two VERY, VERY scary changes to our judicial system: 1) If a person is incapacitated through drink or drugs then he is not capable of being held responsible for his actions and 2) the legal responsibility is on the defendants to prove themselves innocent, not on the accusers to prove them guilty.

Tax dodging is illegal. Following the law to minimize the amount of tax one pays is both legal and something that most of us do once each year.
    Of course Republican and Democratic congress people profited from companies doing this: it is one of the reasons why they wrote the laws that way.

Pope Francis to China: Why not? You do.

There is a group of starving homeless. If you take them into your home, they will survive. If not they will die. It costs you 1300 quid a year to feed each one. How many will you accept? What will you tell the 10th person who applies?  What will you tell the 100th?  the 1000th?

It is just lazy journalists. If they really were hot on this topic, they'd have interviewed Him long ago. If god really wanted anyone to believe, He'd have granted the interview.

"the only solution is for the Mexican government to provide Central American migrants with some form of document allowing them to travel freely through the country"
    That is: the only solution is for Mexico to ignore its own laws and do what non-citizens tell it to do.  
    And the only solution for the US is to take in and care for people who are too cowardly or too lazy to change their own country for the better.  
    Apparently, they are willing to “risk life and limb” to run away, but will not do the same to change their own country.  Rather than stop the violence and poverty at home, they export it to other countries.
I remember that: people putting Christians in arm locks and holding guns to their heads to FORCE them to deny their beliefs. Happens all the time, right?
this baby-faced schoolboy is believed to be one of the Islamic State's youngest jihadists”
ISIS are NOT jihadi, they are haram perverters of Islam. 
ISIS are mohareb and Allah will judge them harshly.

Gosh, you mean he carried on while being accused of something he didn't do?
Drat! There went that mode of silencing people we don't agree with. I thought one could simply accuse someone of something and that would take them out of the picture until the investigation was completed.

Today???? When were young women ever NOT naïve?
    PS: Good on ya, Shirley. You've done good work. 
    AND set a good example along the way.

Thank you, Mr Amin, for your thoughtful ideas.
     I agree that it is the mosques and imams who have failed the young generation of Muslims, not to mention the general Muslim community. Both remain strangely silent in the face of atrocities committed by mohareb perverters of the faith. 
      It is hard to know whether this springs from 1) fear, 2) apathy, 3) indifference or 4) a secret feeling that infidels are getting what they deserve

Ooooh! I wonder if any jet jockeys from the US, Russia, EU, China or some other country have ever done this before?

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