Monday, 14 July 2014

I have no sympathy for those who would deny themselves healthcare so that they might continue to break the law with impunity.
I do understand the concern for public health risk: building potential pools of epidemic. Has anyone done a study of the extra risk involved?
What? People wanting immigrant status for spouses must be able to support them? How dare they? What is government for, if not to support foreigners with tax dollars?
Will eating organic food make you healthier?
But it might make you feel self-righteously holier than thou.
US to Germany: we'll stop if you will.

Agreed. Competence is over-rated. Politicians should be selected on the basis of their gender, race, colour, creed and sexual orientation.
If the voters will not play, simply abolish elections and have the queen appoint them.
Best way to stop sexism in politics - start a sexist party.
What? They want to know how to do things better? How dare they?
The last thing we need is a military that is competent or modern.
Probem is, the fuel duty and other vehicle taxes have become such a lucrative pot of money for government. If they waste it on roads and other transport, they cannot keep other taxes steady. Justice? Who cares: we're talking general fund revenue here.

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