Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Uh Oh. Things are reaching a sorry state when Israeli competence cannot be criticised. I appreciate that US politicians can't criticise Israeli policy and survive, but I didn't know they can't even say when Israel is carrying out that policy very badly.

Still, with enough journlists around, there will always be someone to drive a wedge between allies and to disparrage any politician no matter what side of an issue s/he comes down on.
Good for the judge: entrapment is not a way we wish to see justice done.
PS: I was surpriserised to see that "...the driver was pressurised to change his statement..." It does not seem right to that this should be allowerised.

Girl Summit 2014: Instagram Documentary Shows How You Can Pledge Against FGM And Forced Marriage

Commented Jul 22, 2014 at 03:01:44 in UK Lifestyle

“"It is heartbreaking that these hidden crimes still exist in our society and threaten the well-being of a generation of girls."

Ask a journalist why these crimes are still hidden in Britain. Ask them why current child abuse is not being reported daily with the same vigour that 40-year-old child abuse is. Ask them who is responsible for this cover-up.”
Michelle Mone Slams ‘Dragons' Den' Bosses: ‘They Won't Ask Me On The Show Because I'm A Woman'

Michelle Mone Slams ‘Dragons' Den' Bosses: ‘They Won't Ask Me On The Show Because I'm A Woman'

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“They won't ask you because you are a whiner who likes to play the victim card. The show prefers people who take control of their own lives rather than ceding it to others.”

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