Monday, 15 October 2012

  •   Did 'brutal' cuts cause West Coast rail fiasco? · an hour ago
    No, incompetence was the cause. But, of course, since everything is always the fault of someone else, (especially incompetence), this article will be just one of many from various factions singling out their usual suspects
  •  Car bombing kills 15 in northwest Pakistan · 2 days ago
    I wonder how many women and children these moharebeh murdered or maimed here. Isn't it time for Islam to rise up against these enemies of god? Time to put a fatwa and a bounty on their heads?
  •   Exclusive: MS drug 'rebranded' – at up to 20 times the price · 
    Well there is NO reason why these people should be paid for the cost of getting this drug from off-licence to on-licence. It should come out of their own pockets. After all, they were the ones who were stupid enough to invent it and test it, weren't they?
  •   The return of DSK · 2 days ago
    Okay, he's a scum bag. But have you noticed that the sexual antics of journalists are NEVER reported on? Apparently, it is not in the public interest for us to know how many of the reporters, who are tsk-tsking so loudly about Strauss-Kahn, are guilty of the same practices.
  •   Facebook: The antisocial network · 4 days ago
    I know it makes good headlines to pretend otherwise, but try to remember: companies pay tax on profits not on income
  •   Obama team 'to blame for Benghazi embassy deaths' ·
    And their committee has already shown willing to publish classified material and endanger the lives of US personnel abroad in order to make their point.

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