Monday, 10 September 2012

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    What? How dare he suggest that people have freedom of movement? I suppose we'll now need a law that says families cannot leave the country until their income falls below 2 million. How else will we keep these people working full-time for the government on a 25% commission? Then we'll need a strong border to enforce it. Perhaps we could call it an iron curtain?
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    I was not speaking of the Law, but of natural justice: poking someone in the head is assault.   Someone did it to me, he'd get more than a kick in return.   Yes, yes: I know that would land me in the cop shop. Price I'm willing to pay.    Not a choice a kid should have to make - it just teaches that might makes right.
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    Teacher assaulted her, she defended herself.
    Hey, kids, don't try this at home. At a UK school you are more than likely be hauled into the cop shop.
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    The last time a Scottish Pound was tried, its value quickly feel to 12 Scottish - 1 Sterling.
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    "There will now be a proliferation of different versions of the world online,..."
    Uh oh: A Fox News version and an MSNBC version?

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