Thursday, 6 September 2012

  • had_it   Amazon and Apple race to break a mapping monopoly,
    "There will now be a proliferation of different versions of the world online,..."
    Uh oh: A Fox News version and an MSNBC version?
    AvatarAvatarYou posted a comment in Exclusive: Balls - I'm planning a proper wealth tax ·11 hours ago
    An envy tax is a good idea. Why not just means-test everything: a progressive sales tax so that everything costs the rich more than it costs the poor? I get a pint or a Big Mac for 50p, you pay £1.50, he pays £8.75.
    We could get progressive in other things too: for example, we could charge people for road tax, train tickets and airfares by the kilo.
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in Joan Smith: We need female ministers not political wives · 12 hours ago
    Absolutely, Joan! A wife is a useless thing and being a mom is not of much value either. You tell 'em.
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in How you can bring our ailing democracy back to life· 2 days ago
    Nice idea, but you need to get voters out of their comfort zone of voting for whoever they think will win. Next you need to find competent people who are willing to be pilloried by the main parties and have their private lives (and those of their friends and family) exposed in the press for the purpose of titillation.
    Would it not be easier simply to take the voting rolls in each constituency and select the parliamentarian by random lot. They would be more representative of the population and they could not do much worse than the current shower.Avatar
  • You posted a comment in GCSE exams not 'fit for purpose', admits Gove · 4 days ago
    In common with most people who use this phrase as a new buss-word, Mr Gove never says what the "purpose" is supposed to be.
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in Paralympics stars urged to denounce Atos · 5 days ago
    Denounce them! But take their money first.
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in Barclays makes £500m betting on food crisis · 5 days ago
    Yeah! Let's yell at the banks. It will make us feel so much better about all the food we throw away.
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in Mary Dejevsky: What the court battle of the oligarchs says about Britain · 7 days ago
    Well, maybe litigation tourism is a good thing - it could replace all that money we're going to lose as all those foreign students look elsewhere for their educational tourism.
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in London Metropolitan University's future at stake as 2,500 students face deportation · 
    Brilliant own goal! This university (and universities in general) are not doing a good job of doing the UK Boarder Agency's job, so what should we do? I know! Let's see if we can't destroy the university sector's ability to attract students to their institutions here and damage their reputation so badly that their overseas branches will also lose customers.
    What? Not a good idea when we are trying to INCREASE exports and RETAIN jobs. Ooops. Sorry. 
    Anyway, this story has been all over the world, and don't they say there is no such thing as bad publicity?    What? No, I hardly think that mad-cow is comparable.
    Maybe we can gain some kudos by stepping in to ensure that all of these students find new places. Government to the rescue!        Whaddaya mean "Good luck with that."?
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in Alex Brooker: Don't get hung up about being PC. They're tough, this is real sport – enjoy it · 7 days ago
    "Although I don't like using that word"  
    The problem with changing words is that the negative connotations always follow to the new word: from crippled, to handicapped to disabled (or countries from backward, to poor, to under-developed, to developing - or people from negro, to coloured, to black.) 
    Trying to avoid this means the words have to change once every generation. Ah well, small price to pay, I suppose. And it lets us point at those accustomed to the previous generation's word and say: "see, they are the problem, not I."

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    You posted a comment in Teen cannabis use may damage brain for life, warns major study · 9 days ago
    Interesting study, concluding that the results are "suggestive" of a causative effect.. After their controls were applied, the statistically significant 8-point drop reported in the press had Ns of 24 high-use subject being compared to 12 low-use subjects. (The differences in larger Ns (14 vs 60) were not statistically significant significant.) Clearly worth further research to see if the conclusions hold up with larger populations.
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    You posted a comment in Teen cannabis use may damage brain for life, warns major study · 10 days ago
    Now tell me about the effect of alcohol on the adolescent brain. Then compare the relative damage of the two.     Oh, sorry, that's asking for science, isn't it. I remember now, they fired the guy who demonstrated that horse riding was more dangerous than ecstasy.
  • You posted a comment in Hospitals to pay price for failure to innovate · 10 days ago
    it is simple: if you want more health care and/or more expensive drugs, you have to raise your co-pay or raise your taxes to pay for it. And that is, raise the price for EVERYONE - not just the rich, not just the poor: everyone. Get the same care and drugs you are getting now or pay more, full stop.
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in Even light drinking increases cancer risk · 11 days ago
    As light drinkers may have other life-style differences compared to non-drinkers, please write 100 times:   Correlation is not causation.Correlation is NOT causation.
  • AvatarYou posted a comment in Vatican urges G20 to convene crisis summit on food prices · 14 days ago
    "Holy See attacks grain speculators for profiting from the most poor and needy on the planet" Oh, you mean the way all those cathedrals got built?

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    You posted a comment in Naked pictures of Prince Harry published · 15 days ago
    Oh No! A Young Brit who likes women? What is this world coming to?
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    You posted a comment in Historian Niall Ferguson's high-profile hatchet job on Obama ruffles US feathers ·
    I think you mean the academic version of Michael Moore - but, either way, I agree,
  • You posted a comment in Don't let hospital turn off Dad's life support, family pleads · 16 days ago
    If they want to be involved in the decision do they also want to be involved in it's costs?

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