Tuesday, 6 March 2012

  • If we want to reorganize the UN Security Council, we should have permanent representatives as follows:
    1 North America
    2 South America
    3 Europe
    4 Russia & Central Asia
    5 China, Mongolia & the two Koreas
    6 India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan & Bangladesh
    7 SE Asia & the Islands (incl Japan & Anzacs)
    8 Africa & the Middle East
    Keep the veto, no temporary reps or observers.
    PS:  Did he say the what purpose was that he thinks it is not fit for?
  • Israel should be the master of its own fate - and take the consequences of its own actions.  If it strikes out unilaterally, it better not come whining to us.  When Israel says "Gee, we underestimated what would happen so we need your help now," I hope we have the guts to say: "You are the master of your own fate - good bye and good luck."
  • I notice that NONE of the superPAC ads talk about how we can improve the economy, can create growth and add jobs.    Is that because they know we have twigged that the previous administration lowered taxes and still gave us a net loss of jobs?
        Mostly, the SuperacsPacz just talk about what useless bags of garbage the other candidates are.
        On the other hand, the longer they drag this out the more we discover about the candidates: " GIBSON: But [Romneycare] has mandates in Massachusetts, although you backed away from mandates on a national basis.ROMNEY: No, no, I like mandates. The mandates work."  (from an ABC TV debate,2008)Gingrich has supported healthcare insurance mandates for more than 20 years.  Only Santorum has consistently mandates but only because he is not bright enough to understand them.
  • You are right, Mitt.  Of course, a republican president will also mean a nuclear weapon for Iran.  Red lines or no red lines, Iran will have a nuclear weapon unless we decide to go to war to force a regime change.  We saw how well that worked out for everyone in Iraq.

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