Friday, 2 December 2011

  • Of course you are right about who pays for Social Security and Medicare. Sadly, it was not just obama and the liberals whole stole the money, both sides of the aisle have been stealing it for decades, with both fists.

    However, if you want to ring fence those programs and not increase revenues, and you know that our budget deficit currently equals our discretionay spending, you know we will need to cut out ALL discretionary spending to balance the budget. No discretionary spending in:
        Security, incl defense, overseas contingencies, and Homeland Security ($815 billion)
       Veteran Aministration, incl medical care for veterans ($60.1 billion)
       Health and Human Services, incl. food safety and center for disease control ($84 billion)
       Education, incl Pell grants and special ed ($64.3 billion)
       Transportation, incl FAA, road and bridge repair ($49 bllion)
       Housing and Urban Development, incl for homeless vets ($42.8b)
       Justice, incl some courts and federal prisons ($27.6 billion)
       Agriculture, incl forestry and food safety ($25 billion).
  • Absolutely!  Although we know from the context he was stating the position of others, and not his own position, we should be protected from knowing that such extreme positions exist.    
         Anyone who tells us about these extreme positions, especially anyone who uses extensio ad absurbam as an rhetorical device, should be prosecuted!
        PS: Unison is run by complete idiots or by cynical publicists who know how to get media attention?

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