Wednesday, 23 November 2011

  • Say Sorry?  What is this, high school?   Venture capital wins some and loses some - and we don't ask venture capitalists to say sorry when an investment doesn't pay off.    Solyndra is just an example of why the government has no business in venture capital.   Whether democrat or republican, politicians are too slow and often too venal to be trusted with these kinds of decisions.
  • "a controversial proposal to allow firms to sack poorly performing staff without an explanation."

    How controversial!  "We are letting you go because you are really bad at this job."  is not enough of an explanation?

    PS: keeping 20 people on for 90 days after a firm has run out of work for them to do just depresses the work ethic of everyone in the company.   And 90 days is such a long time for gardening leave, it depresses the morale of those still in work for the same pay.

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