Thursday, 8 September 2011

  • Basically, the proposals seem to be mostly about welfare checks - some for the unemployed, more for companies (whether they create any new jobs our not) and just a tiny bit of targeted tax cuts for companies who actually do something about jobs.   Stupid
          I'd take ALL the money and put it to tax cuts for companies who hire new workers and do not lay off existing ones.  Make the tax cuts conditional on keeping the new level of staff for three years - i.e. if staff levels drop, the tax cut would be clawed back pro rata
  • Rebuttal is a silly idea.  Since we have no jobs proposals of our own, it is better - in electioneering terms - to snipe at Obummer's.   How will that help put Americans back to work?  Who cares: this is about winning elections. Let the Americans look out for themselves.
  • Well, we know that cutting taxes doesn't work: when Bush cut taxes in 2001, unemployment went right on rising.   We know that stimulus loans to Wall Street doesn't work: Bush's TARP plan bail-outs didn't do anything for unemployment.  We know that giving stimulus money to the States doesn't work: Obama gave wads which both Republican and Democrat states just used to paper over their internal deficits without creating job one  We know funding that "shovel-ready" projects doesn't work: Obama tried that and it fizzled.
        So what do we do?  I know, lets oppose whatever the other guy suggests as wrong headed and not enough. How will that help put Americans back to work?  Who cares: it will help win elections.
        Alternatively, vote against any politician who lies to you: e.g who says that cutting taxes will reduce unemployment, or that more government spending will fix the economy or that we can reduce the national debt without raising taxes.  In short, vote against all incumbents
  • Possibly, but I can think of no conceivable reason why it would.  
    Even if they cut a deal that would double or triple their budget, they would make much more from the publicity of a revived man-in-space program.   The we-have-enough-problems-here-in-Spain-without-chasing-off-to-a-new-world kooks could not stop NASA from shooting its mouth off.
  • No, this is all wrong.  The whole reason we import illegal immigrants is so we can exploit them.  If we can't get them to work for less than minimum wage and no vacation or healthcare, what's the point - might just as well hire an American.

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