Wednesday, 21 September 2011

  • "Lord Davies said in February that this approach – targets rather than mandatory quotas – should be regarded as the last chance..."
          Interesting nudge philosophy - if you don't run your businesses the way we tell you to, we'll pass a law making it mandatory that you run your business the way we tell you to.
  • I would hope that they would resist these fishing expeditions in the strongest possible way, up to and including a flat refusal to follow the law - going to jail if necessary.  If this fishing expedition succeeds, no citizen's private email will be safe from their employer.  
             Looking into someone's private e-mail is no different in effect to News of the World hacking mobile phones.  It is different in form, in that the fishers tell you openly what they are doing, but no different in effect.   Next will come FOI requests to open and read all mail sent to their homes.  Then FOI requests to read their private diaries, then the diaries of their spouse and children.

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