Thursday, 15 September 2011

  • Actually, this controversy has little to do with god.  It is about a power struggle between the school and a teacher. (Note: the school does not bar the teacher from bringing money blazoned with "In God We Trust" into the classroom - so it is really just about the display of his personal views on banners.)  If the banners' contents were about other political views of the teacher (no god in them at all), it would not have made the news.
  • The APS is supposed to be about science, not about politics.
    However, the APS is a society composed of people and where there are people, there are politics.
    The word "incontrovertable" really has no place in science - it smacks of hypocrisy in an outfit committed to the scientific method.
    I suspect the good professor would have disagreed with the word "overwhelming" but would not have thought it hypocritical enough to resign over.
  • "Some of the design elements, the deadline and the requirement for such a rocket were dictated by Congress."
    Uh oh; a camel.

    • "The challenge for Republicans is in how break up the bill and enact the parts they like – extending current tax rates – without having to deal with issues they don’t like, like state subsidies and new welfare spending"

      Translation: how can we break the bill so we can pass welfare payments to OUR mates and stop welfare payments to THEIR mates.

       on What Terror Threat Concerns You the Most? 5 days ago
      • The terror I most fear is the nexus between politicians, big banks and large corporations.   As they scratch each other's back financially, America suffers


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