Friday, 16 September 2011

  • Professional gamblers have their ups and their downs - and sometimes professional gamblers can forget when to stop trying to bet their way out of a hole. This is not a system problem, it is an oversight and control problem within a  bank.  
    Of course, if other banks have the same incompetently lax oversight, then I am wrong: it is a system problem
  • Just imagine if Ferdinand and Isabella could have sent robots to the new world, instead of Columbus  The goal of "Mars" is a symbol to justify the costs.  The real goal is to learn how to do things and, to learn how to do things such as extended missions in space, we have to actually do them.     Also remember: Columbus was not trying to find the new world.
  • Yeah! Whenever there are new stats that the media will grill someone over - attempting to apportion some blame to the government, no matter which direction the numbers are going - it is outrageous to give ministers 24-hours to read them and prepare a response.  We would much rather they have no time for either: then we can pillory them for being unprepared or, better yet, get an off-the-cuff gaffe to trumpet around town.  We can sell lots more soap flakes that way.

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