Friday, 5 August 2011

  • "Accused"?   or pointed out?
    Without a reference to the study, it is difficult to tell.

    The real fraud lies in judging universities on numbers graduated, without mentioning the numbers in employment six months after graduation or numbers employed in their field of study.
  • In 2006, Senate Democrats, then-Senator Obama included, voted against extending the debt ceiling - calling it irresponsible and an unfair burden on America's children and grandchildren.  Now the Republicans, who were all in favour of extending the debt ceiling when Bush was borrowing and spending us into a recession, have picked up the Democrat's deadbeat habits. Meanwhile, the Tea Party, who knew that every penny of the Bush tax cuts and free drugs for seniors would have to be borrowed, say they don't like borrowing anymore.  Ain't politics wonderful?
             Oh, and you are worried that this will tip the world economy into recession again?  Tough.
  •  on Tea Party holds US 6 days ago
    The Tea Party went into the diner, ate the food, but now want to stiff the place for the bill.  They know the waitress, working two jobs to feed her kids, will end up footing their bill,  They just don't care.

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