Friday, 5 August 2011

  • It would be nice to blame all this stuff on someone else, but the simple fact is that China holds so much of our debt because we, the American people, like to buy their cheap stuff.
         So China ends up with lots of dollars that they have to do something with.  They buy US debt to prop up our economy so we will be able to buy more of their stuff.   Yes, they know that our governments of whatever stripe have been tanking the dollar for the past 20 years, thus eroding the value of the T-bills they hold - but they think of it as a type of foreign aid to the USA.
  • This was not a great course(as the commander said: "we can do better than that"), but the greater problem is easy to fix.  There is nothing wrong with bible passages in an ethics course as long as they are not the ONLY religious passages.  Throw in a few pieces from judaism, humanism, confucianism, budhism, islam or the upanishads and you got yourself a perfectly innocuous course for the military to teach.   Alternatively, offer other courses from other ethical positions: Judaism & War, Islam and War, Budhism & War (a short course), Hinduism and War (a long course)
           State-funded institutions are not prohibited from examining superstitious thought, merely from favoring one set of superstitions over another.

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