Saturday, 27 August 2011

  • Moving from political boundaries where each party has mostly safe seats to keep their nominees at the trough is a good thing.  I am not happy about using racist criteria to draw the new boundaries - seems like it could increase community divisions rather than promote harmony.  However, looking at the past 20 years of congress, almost any change could not make things much worse.
         We could save a lot of money by eliminating elections and picking representative by random lot.
  • Trust them to do what, exactly?
    Trust them to be our lap dog: definitely not.
    Trust them to be any better than Ghadaffi: probably not.
    Thing to remember is: dictator or democracy, these people don't like us very much.
         They don't like our policies, they don't like out lifestyle and they don't like our ignorance.
          In other words, when it come to making friends or allies, they are a tough audience.

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