Thursday, 7 July 2011

 on Texas defies calls to delay execution of Mexican 
  • "requests for a delay from ... the White House and the State Department."
           If I ran Texas, I'd tell the White House and State Department: "Sure, as long as you pay for all costs from here on out."          Question: does the law require that the consulate in question also meet with the relatives of the raped, battered and murdered girl?
  • Three ways to look at this:
    1) We are over-medicating for people feeling down in the dumps a bit.
    2) Huxley's Soma was really a good idea.
    3) Liberation has its costs.
  • One basic mistake: Ms Hackett apparently thinks the government serves (or should serve)  the people.  Almost no one in the government bureaucracy believes this - they think the people of this country are there to do as they are told.
  • Good idea.  And they should not refer to themselves or their charges as Swedish, or even European, to avoid stereotyping.    Indeed, they should be soft-pedaling the use of "human being" - never know what damage that kind of stereotyping might do.

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