Monday, 18 July 2011

  •  on Rep. Jackson Lee Suggests Race is Delaying the Debt Solution 
    She is right, but it is not his color that is the problem: the 'race' in question is the 2012 election.
    Republicans will not work with Democrats (nor Democrats with Republicans) - even if the end result is the best thing for the American people - as it might put their primary nomination in jeopardy.    
    That is, the American people as a whole look on compromise as the right and proper thing to do and would want to re-elect congress people who do this, but the wing-nuts who dominate the primaries view any compromise as a sell out.

    Wait a minute, schpools are the responsibility of state and local government.  Why are these guys asking for more Big Government spending from Washington?
Don;t you realise how important those athletes and actors are?  Why if their income tax went up by just 2%, there would be no new jobs and the economy would be destroyed!

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