Thursday, 28 July 2011

  • Good Rationing:   IVF (there are already enough people in the world)
        Also liposuction and other obesity treatments (to be provided only to those who have faithfully followed an exercise program for six months)
  • True, they are very worried.  It is why they are spending so much time on trying to figure out who knew what when about NOTW listening to movie star's voicemail seven years ago. Anything to divert attention from how useless they all are.
  • "I think they (consumers) would welcome some reality."
    If they welcomed reality, they would not be buying products labelled "anti-aging" or "miracle."
  • Careful, careful.  Scientific results that show no significant differences between races are okay to report.  Results that even hint at showing one or two races different from one or more other races in a way that could possibly be interpreted by anyone as "better" are considered racist and must be suppressed with the full force of politically correct indignation.

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