Tuesday, 7 June 2011

  • As long as all tax credits, allowances, deductions and subsidies of any kind are also eliminated, this sounds okay to me.
           I'd make it even simpler: all individuals and corporations pay 15% tax on all income over $12,000 p.a., from any source, with no deductions for any reason.
  • And they will be the one's who complain that the government should be giving more to pensioners.   Sounds like Greek taxpayers: we don't want to pay enough, so someone else should pay for us.
  • Good.  There are already too many people in the world.  I feel for those who find themselves infertile, and do not mind paying for therapy they might need to deal with their condition.  But I do not agree that I should pay to correct the condition and add yet more unneeded people to the planet.

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