Friday, 3 June 2011

  • Gosh, some Net Neutrality lobbyists talked to the FCC?  Imagine that.
    I wonder if any lobbyists who opposed Net Neutrality also talked to the FCC?  If they did, does that mean the government is run by "shadowy rightist organizations"?
             How is someone so obviously ignorant of how lobbyists work allowed to run an outfit like Judicial Watch, or write a piece in this journal?
  • What the job numbers mean is that congress, whether Retroblican, Dumbocrat or Tea Party, have failed us.  We elected them to fix the economy and they have done diddly about it.
          As to the dollar, it is weak because Bush and Obama have borrowed us into such a deep hole that we cannot get out without raising taxes and allowing inflation to eat some of our overseas debt. A mere 7% spending cut won't do it - not even close.

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