Wednesday, 8 June 2011

  •  on FCC Agrees to Take 'Fairness Doctrine' Off the Books
  • About time! A rule that coverage must be fair in reflecting opposing views is against the zeitgeist. We don't want fair, we want to pillory any opposing views and belittle anyone who holds them, telling lies about them if necessary. Life today is not about reaching consensus, it's about winning. 
  • For example, we all know that attack ads, from whatever party and on whatever issue, increase anomie and apathy, making America a worse place to live. But, hey, what is that compared to wining a 2-year term in congress?
  • Well, it is too little too late and community colleges are not the most efficient place to train workers in the needed skills, but at least it is something.  What have the republicans and tes partiers done to create the jobs we elected them to create?   Nada.   Pretty demeaning to have to say that Obama is the only one trying.  Or have I missed something that someone else has put forward??
  • Interesting: Canada pays about 1/3rd less for medical care than the US does but has a longer life expectancy, lower infant mortality, fewer preventable deaths in hospital, better outcomes for those diagnosed with heart disease, and better outcomes for those with trauma (injuries).   The only thing America is better at than Canada is treating cancer.    I am curious why your relatives come here.   Is it that they can afford to pay for the absolute best in private care and don't like the waiting lists at home?

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