Friday, 10 June 2011

  • Government high-street banks, great idea!
           And a chain of government department stores: we could call it "government unified merchandising" or GUM.
           And a government automobile company called "Terribly Reliable Autos - Best Investment) or TRABI
         I wonder why no one ever thought of this before?
    Oh yes. Not giving folks a big pot of tax money is surely the same a crippling them.   "Our schools, businesses and housing estates could become mini-power stations so we all play our part in the green energy revolution."    
        But only if someone else pays for it, because we certainly wont.
  • One nice thing about wearing the fairly ridiculous title of "prince consort," is that when he tells the truth, he can't be hounded from office.  Best the meedja can do is portray the truth as a "gaffe."
           Johann's vitriol does seem excessive, though, and hardly justified by the fact that his neighbour, who didn't marry the queen, got a bit less for his war-time service.   I put it down to the reverse-snobbery that now seems so common amongst the chattering classes. What, in Oz, they call the tall-poppy syndrome.
  • Not only Gadaffi, try anyone that we don't like in the region he controls.   
         Now as to the rebels murdering hundreds of blacks because they were, well, black.  Oh, folks don't seem to think that this is really a war crime or a crime against humanity - it was done by our side, not theirs, and our side is always right.

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