Wednesday, 8 June 2011

  • "... a vile reminder of class privilege that no actual Briton would dare pull these days."
    Yeah, Julie, issa good ting we go: rid a tha: privilege of speakin so as wha: ovvers cood unnerstan us, innit?
  • Yes. Because Obamacare prohibits them from discriminating amongst their workers (e.g. giving their executives better medical cover than they give their workers on an hourly wage).  This is seen as onerous, since when an hourly-wage work gets sick or dies it costs the company much less than when an executive does and executives will not put up with ward care.
           The best way around this is for companies to adopt the congressional system and say: we will pay X% (say, 66% or 70%, for example) of the premium on whatever healthcare insurance that you choose from the following list.  Set and selected correctly, the company keeps their costs the same or less

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