Wednesday, 4 May 2011

  • Why are ALL the media, Fox included, making such a hero of binLaden? He has been given more picture face-time on TV and in print in the past 3 days than he got in his entire miserable life. 
    PS: this poll is silly: everyone knows that there is no difference between option 1 and option 3. Okay, okay, there is a difference: about 6 hours.
  • Well, suppose it is possible the the Pakistani authorities knew. After all, the are only a few hundred thousand compounds like BinLaden's within 35 miles of Islamabad. Certainly, looking at Google Maps satellite, there are only thousands such of compounds in Abbottabad. I am certain that our CIA knows who lives in every house costing over $1 million within 35 miles of Washington DC and could certify that no wanted criminals live in any of them.
  • I love the amount of opinion bantered around, by authors and bloggers alike, in the complete absence of facts and next to no knowledge of the culture nor the situation on the ground. This is how conspiracy theories start: people make up their mind about something based on evidence-poor logic chains. Once they have their position, they seek only facts that confirm it and reject all fact that would contradict it. When this starts to become difficult to untenable, conspirators with evil intent are invented to paper over the cracks.
  • I think there is both a cultural and a generation gap here. Being "off the grid" is not so difficult in a country where less only 15% have any internet access at all and never using a cell phone is not so foreign to older folks, even in the United states.

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