Sunday, 29 May 2011

  • Oh no!  CCTV cameras actually used to catch people who commit crimes ?  Who would have thought of that when they put those cameras in?
           Next thing you know they will be saying that publishing libel on twitter is just as bad as publishing it in a newspaper.
            We have to stop this trend.  Soon their won't be any place left to cause physical, psychological or economic damage with impunity.
  • In our secular, gender-equal culture, the only people who wear masks are thieves and people requiring medical protection.
           Wearing a Burqha is the height of cultural insensitivity - the equivalent of a woman with bare head, bare shoulders and bare legs walking into the men's entrance of a mosque.  It shows either pig-ignorance or a deliberate attempt to insult.    Who are these women, so high and mighty that the rest of us peons dare not look upon their faces?  A cat may look at a king.
  • Well, they are funny.  But most are not gaffes - except in the modern sense that it is a gaffe for a public figure to ever speak the truth.

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