Monday, 9 May 2011

  • About 29 percent of the 102,000 immigrants deported under the program since it began in 2008 have no criminal conviction" 
          Sorry? If they were not convicted of violating our immigration laws, on what grounds were they deported?
         San Francisco now has another method, besides the marijuana statutes, to raise a city of scoff-laws.
  • I think John Dillinger might have done the same. Clearly the FBI and the US government must have known where he was hiding. Oh, they didn't? Then the Pakistanis must be much more competent than the FBI, because we all agree that they knew.
  • The dream of micro finance is turning sour because too many people saw it as a way to make scads of money by making, then selling, scads of silly loans. Sound like the housing bubble? The problem is not with the borrower, it is with unscrupulous lenders. It is actually fraud, but I don't see either set of shysters going to jail.

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