Friday, 6 May 2011

 on Joan Smith: Cleverness isn't sexy any more 

  • Cleverness never was sexy: how many swots had to fight off members of the opposite sex at school.? How many politicians who can see two sides to an issue get selected, much less elected?
  • "The Government's policy on education ... is far from what many people would want a schools system to be"
          True, but then the existing education system is so far from what many people would want it to be that one gets the feeling that almost any change would be an improvement.   Looking at results, it is hard to see how things could get much worse.
  • Sorry, but Anonymous is not a credible source here.   The organization stands for the principle that transparency is good for everyone except themselves.
  • I do like it, but should a given election show a majority for "none of the above," the position should go unfilled for that term and all monies (salaries, staff, allowances) go to pay down principal on the national debt. Should a position get "none of the above" three election cycles in a row, it would be abolished.
  • Of course they knew. After all, there are only 10s of thousands of compounds like binLaden's within 35 miles of Islamabad. Certainly, looking at Google Maps satellite, there are only hundreds of such compounds in Abbottabad.
         I mean, surely our CIA knows who lives in every house costing over $1 million within 35 miles of Washington DC and can certify that no wanted criminals live in any of them.  Couldn't they?

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