Sunday, 1 May 2011

  on Council chief given 'unfit' payout then gets 
  • These dole blodgers never get enough, do they?
    No question of paying back here, this is pure and deliberate fraud: there should be heavy fines or jail time.
  • "Who, then, should take responsibility for the lack of an invitation?" Well, Blair, Brown, Fergie, Burrell and Allen bear it, as a direct result of their boorish behaviour in the past. One of the nice things about being "modern" is that you don't need to invite people you have reason not to like just because tradition suggests that you should.
    "Why were they there:" well Beckham, John, Ritchie and Stone because they are fun and Atkinson because he promised not to conduct the wedding ceremony.
  • This seems just playground tit for tat: I kill my own civilians, you strafe my army and bomb my grandkids, I overrun your embassy, etc. So isn't the UK's rhetoric a tad overblown?
  • Yikes: Truth, Justice and the United Nations way. The next time a perp robs a bank or threatens to destroy Metropolis, Superman will write him a sternly-worded communique. If the villain continues, Superman may call for frank discussions or even impose a sanction or two perhaps make a couple of bars off limits, restrict which fences the villain can work with or even cancel one of his credit cards.
       Wait a minute!  Superman is an illegal alien, he has no Amercan citizenship to renounce.

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