Wednesday, 25 May 2011

  • Well, you want to cut the budget, somethings have got to give.
    Alternatively, we could just let the worst 40,000 starve to death or put a bullet in the back of their head - lot's cheaper than either keeping or releasing them.  The assassinations could be carried out by people who are terminally ill, in exchange for a payment to their families and their agreement to plead guilty to murder one.  They would die while the awaiting a court date, so we'd be spared the cost of a trial.
  • "They are now the ones being attacked and killed by the same people who attacked and killed us."
    Pakistan loses far more citizens to these folks than we ever have.  "I don't recall the US ever sponsoring an attack on Pakastani civilians or military personel. Can you?"Well, yes. Several times in the past year, once in the past month.  We even publicly apologized for doing so.
    Uh oh.  People being civil to each other?
    Politicians caring more about the people they represent than about scoring points on their opponents?
       This guy clearly doesn't get it, so he will never get the party to work for him.  I doubt he will even get much in the way of lobby donations.

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