Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Marjorie Cohn: Stop Bombing Libya"There is no reliable estimate of the number of civilians killed"
Except that we know it is less than 1% of the civilians already killed by the military that is being bombed.
          Besides, it is the only way to get stimulus spending through congress.
(What, you didn't think having to replace all those bombs and missiles would act as a stimulus?)

The White House Guess List
Gosh. Having done part of your job for you by making the names public, you journalist­s now want them to do the rest of it by providing "identifyi­ng informatio­n?" Do you want them to type the story for you too? Geez, bit a lazy lot, aren't you?

The Hypocrisy of War
Okay, Jim, you're right: It would be less hypocritic­al to just let Gadaffi murder all the Libyans he wants. 
Then we could all feel better about ourselves.   
PS: What would Jesus cut? 
Well, recalling his reaction in the temple, I think he'd start with tax exempt status for churches.

Nuclear Plant Given 20-Year Renewal
When people panic, they get irrational.
There s no danger of either earthquake or tsunami on this site, nor any other major natural disaster.  But if this plant is the same design as the Japanese one, let's shut her down.   Like saying: if a Mack truck causes a 30-car pile-up in a blizzard, lets pull the licence of all Mack trucks

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