Tuesday, 22 March 2011

  • "We will seek the right balance between protection for consumers, sustainability of the market and consumer choice."
        Translation: we're the government - we're here to help you, because we know more about what you should do with your money than you do.
  • Gosh. Some guy took a job in a controversial industry and some folks who make a living by being against that industry don't like it. Now that's News!
  • Denied? Meaning they requested it and were refused?
    "Not offered" could be an surgeon-education issue or a plastic-surgeon supply problem;   "Denied" implies a policy. 
    Is Mr Caddy (author of the review, with a clear vested interest) misleading us or is it just that Mr Laurence (the journalist) is confused ?
  • What incredibly sloppy journalism: raising the retirement age from what to what?  Increasing employee contributions - from what % to what %?
  • Are we similarly changing the pensions of MPs and their staff, city councilors and their staff, Whitehall mandarins and their staff?

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