Wednesday, 23 March 2011

  • So? What is the point of this story?
    That the Beeb is doing a good job of lowering costs and spent a small amount of extra money on the 25th anniversary of the most popular TV show in Britain?
    That the Beeb can't lower costs fast enough to keep up with its falling audience?
    That trashy shows are cheaper to produce on tape than live?
    That dumbing down even more won't save money or grow audience, since it is not possible to produce a show that is much more dumbed-down than East Enders?
    Or is it just about NAO issuing a report so dull, it is hard to write a about?
  • "We will seek the right balance between protection for consumers, sustainability of the market and consumer choice."
    Translation: we're the government - we're here to help you, because we know more about what you should do with your money than you do.

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