Thursday, 24 March 2011

  • Gosh, you mean the NHS is not McDonalds?
    We should change that immediately: we don't want a system where some providers are better than others - all should be exactly the same, even if that same is mediocre.
  • May Mr True-May learn not to say what is true - if he wants to have a job that is exposed to media scrutiny. He needs to learn to do the things that make a successful program while saying PC things and waffling. Never, never tell the media why things really work - they pick it to pieces and hand you your hat.
  • Well good for him. The hard message last time, now just marking time and waiting for them to work. A sensible approach with a reticent recovery - given that the last government doubled spending in 10 short years, without raising the revenue to pay for it.

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