Tuesday, 1 March 2011

  •  on Tom Sutcliffe: Watch out, office bosses 
  • What a great idea! We could demonstrate (stopping all work) until senior management left the company, and we could ask the banks to freeze all their assets and give them to the company, then we could choose a committee from the floor to run the business while another committee rewrote the business plan and the HR rules. Finally, in 2 or 6 months, we could hold an election for senior management positions.
  •   A piece of advice: if this looks like happening in a company near you, sell large.
  • We should not put taxes on these businesses or limit their actions in any way. If we do, it might limit their ability to tank our economy to line their own pockets or curtail their capacity to commit profitable fraud without going to jail. If we make the conditions too onerous, they might go elsewhere and wreck someone else's economy. And where would that leave us?

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