Tuesday, 15 March 2011

  •  on Beware the ghost of emails past 50 minutes ago
    I see the Met does not want to release some notes because it might jeopardise their case on hacking journalists.
         Well! The media don't want cases made in the future, they want scandal now and who cares if anyone ever goes down for it.
    Indeed, it would be better if no one went down - then the media could get off scot free and blame someone for letting that happen. 
         In case someone does publish "evidence" in this matter, ask yourself whether it was done to sabotage future trials.
  • They should try to be more like the rest of the world: worry abut it more, but sill do nothing about it. It won't help, but feeling righteous is fun and it lets one point fingers at others regardless of how dirty ones own feet are.
  • I am pleased to have discovered incentivization.
    When I pass around the biscuits, will it be digestivization?
    If I ground the kids, will it be called capitivization?
    Will they indulge in furtivization of their exploits to avoid being grounded?

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