Wednesday, 9 March 2011

  • Right, people do not need brands to tell which taste they like or which amounts of active ingredients they want. Either put all smokes in a plain wrapper and make the customer's brand selection by lottery, or make just one brand and let them all just live with it. Sounds like North Korea or the bad old days of the USSR.
  • Oh, no, not vocational courses that produce someone ready for a real job.
    We want everyone to take university prep courses so they can get a degree and find upscale employment asking "ya want fries with that?"
  • Opponents of Guantanamo have prepared a nice Catch 22: we don't want them held without trial and we don't want them tried. As the representatives of the American people have said: we are too afraid to try them in US courts, as was done under President Bush Jr, we are left with military tribunals for some detainees perforce. For others, they will be held as prisoners of war and released when hostilities with Al Qaeda and the Taliban end. Remember, it is not a crime to fight for the other side in a war, so trials are not appropriate for such cases.

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