Friday, 25 March 2011

  • Of course God belongs in the classroom: how else can one teach about sadism, brainwashing and the control of others? Indeed, teaching how religions support war and sectarian violence should be mandatory.
  •  on A victory for UK plc 7 minutes ago
    Well, with the speed that WPP moves its headquarters about, expect it to move again when the three-year tax waiver expires
  • "disabled people were going to have to choose between enforced work and penury"
    There is a subtle hint of discrimination here: implying that disabled people, unlike the rest of us, should not have to work to avoid penury. Or were you implying that they are not capable of work?
  • True, and mere beauty cannot account for science. It has been said that art takes away precision, but adds manipulation. It certainly obliterates part of the intellect. One of the things myth and mystery gives us is fear, and with it the ability to oppress or control others. Sadly, science just seems to take all that away.
           The other day I saw a surgeon cure a child. I could tell you that his spirit spoke to the child's spirit as he waved his magic wand of science. But that wouldn't teach you how to save the next child.

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