Tuesday, 1 February 2011

  • Just because someone has demonstrated that s/he has absolutely no respect for society and is willing to damage it for personal gain is no reason to deny them the ability to say how that society is run?
  • If one deliberately damages someone's property at a peaceful demonstration one would expect to be arrested. Why should cyber-vandals be treated any differently?
           PS: I do like "Anonymous" - they want openness and transparency for everyone but themselves.
  • The USA supports some autocratic regimes (Egypt, Saudi, etc) and does not support others (Iran, N. Korea, Zimbabwe, etc). Those that it does not support seem to last longer than those it does support. Ergo: the best thing for people in an autocratic country is for the USA to support the regime.
  •  on Diddy sued for $1 trillion 23 hours ago
    Gosh! What great investigative reporting into a subject of truly world-shaking import.

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