Friday, 11 February 2011

  •  on Johann Hari: When will the souffl 35 minutes ago
    "I can't think of many others who week after week deliver speeches demanding X, while they are ruthlessly and knowingly doing the exact opposite of X."
         You really ought to get out more, Johann. Where have you been for the past 30 years. Certainly not in Britain or America. Had you read much about either of these countries' politicians, you would have countless examples
  • One may wish that were the case, as America (or Europe) SHOULD be powerless to influence the internal affairs of other nations.
          However diplomatic pressure from the USA helped to ensure that violence against the protesters was curtailed. The supposed US inconsistency was mostly a media creation rather than based in any facts or statements. The same media who gave us the entire story from one square in the Egyptian capital, with almost no interviews from any other city - or even any other sector of Cairo.
            Okay, it is understandable: that's where the easiest and sexiest stories were - the other 80 million Egyptians were probably pretty boring about the whole thing.

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