Wednesday, 9 February 2011

  • What was the 2010 increase in value that Mr Diamond brought to the BarCap shareholders? That is, what percentage commission does the bonus represent?
    If he increased shareholder value by 950 million, the bonus seems reasonable. If the increase was only 95 million, the bonus would seem outrageously excessive.
  • Well, it is difficult. The cause is poverty, inequality and perceived oppression, whether in Iran, in Egypt or in Afghanistan. Britain did not create this state of affairs (it was created locally), nor can Cameron's government change them. Until the people rise up, nothing will remove the cause. 
           In some places, stuck in the middle of many oppressors: a corrupt central government, local war lords and Talibani fanatics; the people's task seems extremely hard.
  • "there are those who see being British as their identity and there are those who do not feel that it is an overriding part of their identity"
    Why would latter want to be a British citizen? For what they can give - or only for what they can take?

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