Friday, 22 October 2010

 on Dr Kelly post-mortem files to be released 

  • Oh don't try to confuse us with facts, our minds are already made up: we have decided that this was a conspiracy and no amount of truth will ever convince us otherwise.
  • Under fire for obeying the law?
    The congress people who wrote these laws might be a legitimate target, but it seems churlish in the extreme to criticise a company for doing what each of us would do: use every deduction the tax law allows.

    • Only partly thanks to Mr Osbourne, Johann. 
      Mostly thanks to the government and people of Britain who, for the previous 12 years, simply thought they could keep on spending more than they made without the bank manager ever twigging.
    • Yeah Mark, we're wimps. We should be out in the streets damaging property and hurting other people, like the French, or wiping out more of Britain's wealth with a general strike like the Spanish. I know this might lose our nose, but it certainly would spite our face, wouldn't it?

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