Thursday, 3 June 2010

Israeli Flotilla Raid: Details Emerge Of Bloodshed Aboard Gaza-Bound Ship
Why doesn't the IDF release ALL video - does it have something to hide?
           Possibly - indeed probably, as most military tend to paint a pretty one-sided picture of any action after the fact - it's part of the nature of the mind of a soldier.
           But my question is still: what would they have to gain? Those who already buy the IDF version of events will see whatever else the IDF releases as incontrovertible proof of their position, while those who do not will extract whatever inconsistencies they can as proof of a cover-up and maintain that there is still unreleased video that proves their version of events beyond a shadow of a doubt.
            Look, there were 650 some witnesses to these events. Those 650 stories will boil down, over the next week, to three or five mutually contradictory stories. The sides, with the aid of the world press, will fix on two opposing stories as "the truth." In the end, even those who were on the deck of the Mavri Marmara will be forced to back one or the other of these narratives (neither side will listen to anyone with a version of events that is different from "the truth") - and they will come to doubt their own memories of the actual events.

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