Monday, 14 June 2010

Steve Connor: We need a global debate on population
We do need a debate, but we will not get one. Politicians won't lead it - they can even get IVF taken off the list of treatments the NHS use other people's money to pay for. The religious won't lead it, since they count on the increase to keep their congregations, and hence their pay, alive. Journalists won't lead it, because they are afraid to lead anything for fear of people examining their other biases. Educators won't lead it, being afraid of telling their PTA that those with more than 2 kids made a mistake. 
         Okay, scientists might be willing to lead it, but no one listens to them.
PS: Scare tactics will not help bring about debate: Both Malthus and Ehrlich thought "the next 40 years are going to be very different to the previous 40 years"

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