Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Progressives and the Deficit
I like this guy! Will he come talk to my bank manager?
1) We are for repaying Lange's debts, but not yet.
2) Controlling Lange's indebtedness and paying back your loans is not an end in and of itself. 
3) In the short term, the best way to reduce Lange's indebtedness is to loan him more money.
4) It would be better for everyone if you made someone else pay off Lange's loans
5) You have to deduct the value of Lange's education from his student loans to get his net debt
6) Your bank is a fat cat that doesn't deserve Lange's money and, besides, a lot of Lange's credit card debt was really spent by someone else in the family, to buy things Lange doesn't approve of.

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