Monday, 15 March 2010

Battling the Bipartisan Consensus for War

Write on!
Once we go into countries that we do not understand and do what ever we can to make them ungovernable, we should just run away and abandon anyone who asked for our help, saying: "Hey, we have now had as many dead as we do on our highways over a couple of long week-ends, so we are out of here. Yes, we know that 10 times this number die each year at home for lack of healthcare, but we have had enough." I mean, it worked in Vietnam, didn't it?. 

Actually, this strategy is inefficient. We would be better off doing as we did in Hungary and Iraq (before Georgie's War): encourage locals to rebel against overwhelming force, and when they do, say: "Sorry, you are on you own - we didn't mean we actually would help in your struggle for freedom, we just wanted to make things difficult for those in power over you. Your deaths are a price we are willing to pay."

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