Friday, 29 January 2010

Obama Needs To Teach The Public How to Get Out Of The Mess We're In, But He's Not

    It is tough to teach an old dog new tricks. Perhaps Mr Obama remembers the groom who was to be executed by the Sultan. He saved his life by saying that in one year he could teach his highness' favourite stallion to sing. His friends said: are you mad? He said: who knows? In one year, I may die. In one year, the Sultan may die. In one year, for all I know, the stallion may learn to sing.
    JFK, like Mr Obama could get nothing through the congress. It took a wheeler-dealer like LBJ to pass the legislation that the Kennedy's wanted. Given what has happened so far, and assuming no dramatic changes, it is likely that the Retroblicans will gain a majority. If they do, watch how fast the Dumbocrats become the party of no and try to block any proposal. Oh, sorry, they already did that under W, the previous lame excuse of a President we voted for.

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